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Robotics » Robotics Course Description

Robotics Course Description

Course Description:

Robotics is a one-year course focusing on all aspects of engineering problem solving and design. Students in robotics will be required to compete in local and/or state competitions (see back for locations and dates). Students are able to take Robotics multiple years much like the performing arts classes. First year Robotics students will be limited to competing in only one of the two possible programs: Bots KC (remote-controlled battle bots) or VEX EDR (autonomous and remote-controlled robots).

Learning Resources and Supplies

  •  Robot Kits·  Autodesk Inventor Software·  VEX On-Line Curriculum·  Engineering Notebook


100-90 = A

89-80 = B  

79-70 = C

Below 70 = Not an option


Grades will be determined by:

  • Daily Work & Projects
  • Class Participation
  • Engineering Notebooks
  • Classroom Competitions
  • Cleanliness and Organization of Station
  • Interactions with your Teammates


Classroom Rules

  • No food or drinks will be allowed at any time at the workstations.  
  • Safety will NEVER be compromised in the classroom.
  • Electronic devices are for school related uses only.
  • Cell phones are only to be used for taking course related activities (taking photos, timer).
  • Students must seek instructor permission before leaving the room.
  • Any student displaying academic dishonesty will receive a zero for their work.
  • If a student acts in an unsafe manner in the classroom, that student will have consequences ranging from, but not limited to, retaking a safety test to removal from the class.
  • All students are responsible for cleaning the workroom. Students will not be dismissed if the workroom is not in good condition.
  • Continuing to advanced robotics classes is not guaranteed.  You must Earn It!


Lettering Requirements

Required: Successfully complete one full year of Robotics class (2 Semesters) and 1 of the following:

  1. Earn a “Tournament Champion” or “Tournament Finalist” trophy at an Official VEX Competition with a minimum of 16 teams present.
  2. Earn a trophy from the judges at an Official VEX Competition with a minimum of 16 teams present that include but are not limited to: “Excellence Award, Judges’ Award, Design Award” and others.
  3. End the Qualification Rounds ranked in the top 20% of teams participating. I.E. 16 teams participating must be ranked in top 3.
  4. Top 20% at Bots KC Invitational.
  5. Win at least 1 round at NRL National Competition.
  6. Top 20% in Documentation at either Bots KC Invitational or NRL National Competition.


History of Robotics at BLHS:

Robotics began at Basehor-Linwood High School as an after school club that competed in the National Robotics League (NRL) competition in 2017.  Robotics will be offered as a course at BLHS for the first time during the 2018-2019 school year. The robotics club focused only on remote controlled battle bots, but the course will also incorporate the programming and problem solving competition known as VEX Robotics. VEX Robotics has been a component of the Principles of Engineering Course since 2015, but students only have a brief introduction to robotics in that course. Students in the Robotics course will be able to choose to compete in one or both of the competitions, but competing in at least of the of programs is required for the robotics course. It is not recommended that students new to robotics compete in both programs, but focus only one for their first year.


National Robotics League (NRL) Battle Bots:

Battle bots brings design and engineering together with manufacturing and testing. Robotics students who choose to compete in battle bots will be divided into teams of 5-7 students. Each team of students will be responsible for building a functioning, remote controlled battle bot during the Fall 2018 semester. This battle bot will then be tested and modified so it is ready for competition in by the end of 3rd Quarter (before Spring Break).

The National Robotics League was established to promote student interest in manufacturing due to the drastic employment shortage in that industry. NRL is associated with the National Tooling and Machining Association which partners robotics teams with industry professionals to mentor students. BLHS is paired with C&R Manufacturing, a machine shop in Shawnee, KS. Robotics students competing in the battle bots competition will work with machining professionals at C&R to design and fabricate their robots.

Required Competition:

BotsKC Regional Invitational

Location: Olathe Northwest High School Date: Either April 5-6 or April 13-14, 2019

Optional Competition:

NRL National Competition

Location: University of California, PA Date: TBA, likely May 17-18, 2019


VEX Educational Robots (EDR) Challenge:

In the VEX EDR Challenge students must design a robot to compete in a different game each year. These games typically involve picking up objects and moving or stacking them to earn points. Each match is 2 minutes and begins with a 15 second autonomous period (robots must be programmed to complete tasks in the first 15 seconds), then the following 1 minute 45 seconds are remote controlled. The first 15 seconds can be the most critical, so the design of the robot and programming are essential to victory.

The robots are typically very lightweight and completely constructed using the VEX EDR components, which are similar to Erector Sets.  The parts are all designed to fit together easily so students can focus on efficiency of the design and programming as opposed to fabrication.  

Required Competitions:

Exact tournament dates and locations are TBA, but students will be required to attend one tournament in the Fall 2018 Semester and two tournaments in the Spring 2019 Semester, 3 total. Students are allowed to modify their robots throughout the season, so it is necessary for students to compete at multiple tournaments to make progress. The National competition is typically held at the beginning of May and changes location each year.

VEX EDR tournaments will be held at various high schools in the Greater KC area, Topeka, Hutchinson, and Wichita. Students will be able to choose the date and location that works for their team. All students on a team must be present when their team competes. Not all of the teams need to compete at the same tournaments.